The Growth Engine

For any company, the International Development should be one of its most powerful Growth Engines

The objective :

  • A portfolio approach through the buildup of a reservoir of areas/zones positioned on individual Growth ramps

The link between Growth and profits must be monitored closely as the operating conditions on the international field often require rapid adaptations

The Laboratory effect is a powerful tool for developing/adapting new ideas that can be later transferred to other territories

2 areas must be given top priorities

  • HR management to capitalize on talents
  • IT investments as Business Intelligence and Control issues are key

Set Ambitious Targets


  • Build a portfolio of solid bastions (fortresses) and a pipeline of future success stories


A powerful Growth Engine:

  • The root of the Growth Engine is the continuous transformation process of « Develop » territories to « Deepen and Defend ». This process allows to explicitly mitigate associated risks


The feedback loop

  • The home base often has a lot to learn from a successful international platform