The 4Ds

The 4Ds is a way of building clusters where specific approaches and timing can be developed

  • Discover

Exploration phase. The objective is to test the market potential and identify in each case the main approach constraints to be tackled before going ahead

  • Develop

Ramp up phase. This is the key phase where adaptability is the rule. The recipe used “at home” is rarely transferable as such

  • Deepen & Defend

Settle deeply in the targeted area, build a solid position and build barriers to maintain leadership

In each case, design a tailor-made Approach

  • The KPIs and time frames are specific in each phase
  • Not all countries/zones end up in « Deepen and Defend »
  • Sales AND profits must always be monitored closely
  • The 4Ds allow to specifically calibrate objectives, KPIs, approaches and resources in each cluster